Bram Stadhouders (NL)

Guitarist / composer Bram Stadhouders (NL), will present a new album: “Orbit”. 
After 10+ projects and releases, having acquired an international name as a true experimentor and innovator in the fields of improvised avant-garde jazz, electronic and classical music, challenging the borders between between genres, acoustics and technology, composition and improvisation, he now sets foot in the exciting world of surround-sound. The live-version of this album is performed with an octophonic speaker setup, using Ambisonics principle for creating 3D sound. Bram’s guitar has 6 outputs that dances around the audience, making you feel like you’re inside of the guitar. Electric guitar, beats, synthesizers, samples, arpeggiators and effects form the sonic material for this album. The album is fully produced by Stadhouders, mixed by Ted Masseurs and mastered by Cochlea Mastering.



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