Alkaloid (NL)

Alkaloid is an electronic music project from Rob Kanters and Tom Besuyen. Together they create unique songs that cross several genres. Fusing elements of drone soundscapes with deep grooves and melodic layers into dark and danceable club compositions. Tom’s stunning vocals and guitar are complimented by Rob’s bass, synth and a myriad of effects. This is all underlined by gritty electronic beats and percussive samples. Alkaloid’s live performance is powerful, the two musicians generate multi layered tracks that fluctuate from the serene into the subverse, all while ensuring the audience is compelled to move with a polyrhythmic pulse. 


Martijn        +31 6 83 26 80 73


Antilounge Records


  • Tom Besuyen – zang / gitaar
  • Rob Kanters – bass/synth