Madhara (NL)

Madhara: “ Strong melodies, embedded in soundscapes, empowered by beats”

The insatiable thirst for versatile sounds had led to the beautifully organized mess. This urban tribe of seven young musicians have merged electronic, pop, jazz and world music elements into their first album, to be released in spring 2020.

Expect three strong vocals, floating on a bed of strings and clarinet, boosted by fat synths.
Combine this with a fat backbeat, enhanced by latin and eastern percussion and you have gotten yourself the Madhara sound.

This tribe brings an energizing set full of surprising elements, aiming to take you on a mesmerizing trip through sound, images and movement.

Inspired by: Portico Quartet / Hiatus Kyote / Hidden Orchestra / Skalpel / Alt-J 


  • Leah Uijterlinde – Lead vocals / Clarinet
  • Giorgos Pouliasis – Drums
  • Paul Klarenbeek – Bass guitar
  • Luna Hallenga – Violin / Vocals
  • Angelina Engels – Cello / Vocals
  • Anton de Bruin – Piano / Synth
  • Jakob Hoffman – Percussion 
  • Andrea Renon – Dancer
  • Savas Tubbing –  Soundengineer


For bookings & information:


Martijn Verlinden

For bookings & information:

Martijn Verlinden