Marric (NL)

Marric a.k.a. Jodie van der Toorn was always drawn to electronic music. He was the weird kid listening to Jean Michel Jarre and similar stuff.

Then begin 90s his older brother told him he would  love this new thing called jungle and that opened the floodgates for him. Amazed by the weird stuff they did with sampled beats.

At age 16 Marric started to make his own music, exploring sound modules and sequencing it in Cubase. As he got better at it he discovered IDM and that really clicked, especially the glitchy side of it. 

He loves to match glitchy beats with soundscapes and spacey pads. To label the style is hard, but he’s trying to stay true to his own flavor trying to  approach it from different angles.


Martijn        +31 6 83 26 80 73


Antilounge Records