Møster (NO)

This collective of remarkable musicians from the avant-rock scene of Norway has, with four albums behind them and a fifth in the making, established themselves as a unique and evolving voice within the fauna of experimenting and genre-dissolving bands of the North.
The music paints huge and epic images, enhanced with intense grooves and instrumental and orchestral virtuosity.
The group represent a thrilling meeting point of Motorpsycho’s guitar player Snah, Elephant9’s bass player Nikolai Hængsle, and Monolithic and Spidergawd’s drummer Kenneth Kapstad.
As the name implies, the group is led by Kjetil Møster, who grew up in the thrash and grunge of the 90’s, but then saw the light in John Coltrane’s work, which took him to an adventurous jazz orbit with numerous album releases, extensive work with bands like Ultralyd, The Core and Zanussi 5, and musicians like Paal Nilssen-Love, Andrew D’Angelo, Jim Black and Chick Corea, and ultimately an award as the «International Jazz Talent» of 2006. 
A need to break with habits took him into the 5 year long world tour of electro-rockers DATAROCK, which again opened doors to recording and touring with as diverse artists as Robyn/Röyksopp, Skatebård, Serena Maneesh and Norways best rapper Lars Vaular.




  • Kjetil Møster – saxophones, clarinet, electronics
  • Hans Magnus ‘Snah’ Ryan – electric guitar
  • Nikolai Hængsle – electric bass
  • Kenneth Kapstad – drums

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Martijn Verlinden

For bookings & information:

Martijn Verlinden