Stellaria Nemorum (NL)

Stellaria Nemorum is taking you on a hypnotic ride. ”Atmospheric electronica, interlaced with industrial beats, dark melodic soundscapes, deep bass laced with moans and eerie voices’

Joanna Pavelescu a.k.a. Stellaria Nemorum is a dutch/romanian musician.
she has a background in experimental film. While working in film she was always
interested in good! sound and /or experimental music to accompany her visuals and it all started from there.

Her compositions have a dark eerie feel to them and are accompanied by heavy intricate edgy beats, deep bass sounds and melodic soundscapes.
She sometimes uses field and voice recordings to create beats while playing
with different styles she is interested in creating hypnotic journeys.


Night Rider // ​the subconsciousness of dreaming​ // Out on: Bandcamp

The album Night Rider has developed over a period of a year and a half focusing on capturing and riding the darker subconscious waves
of subconscious dreaming out into the light and shaping those into a ever growing reality of one desires

the developing and moving energies pushing forward deeper structures and substructures through eerie soundscapes and layered intertwined beats formations.
glowing deep bass moving towards becoming bringing into the light and making it conscious.


Antilounge Records

Detroit Underground

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Martijn Verlinden

For bookings & information:

Martijn Verlinden